Branding Influence: Personal Branding for Influencers


Over 70 ideas for making money with YouTube & blogging.


What is Branding Influence?

The Branding Influence course is for personal branding for influencers, coaches and creators, looking to target customers with video or YouTube marketing. It is also for the creator, looking to grow an influencer brand which audiences love!

In this course, you will create your brand. By the end, you should be able to answer those questions and more!


You’ll learn…

✅  Laser focus on your niche target audience.

✅  Discover your unique IT factor and secret sauce which attracts your tribe.

✅  Create a magnetic brand and YouTube personality.

✅  Discover how you can stands out in the sea of channels doing the same thing.

Included …

✅ 12 videos and 6 action-taking worksheets, checklist and business plan templates.

✅ Canva Pro – Free for 30 days!

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