Pickpocket Proof Tank Top


Pickpocket Proof Tank Top with Secret Pocket  by The Clever Travel Companion offers one more solution to storing your valuables and/or keeping them on you in a way that makes it hard for pickpockets to steal. The clothes are designed to act like moveable safesbecause you’re storing your valuables on a highly-protected areas on your body, such as your underwear or a pocket in the middle of your body.


I love the feel of this underwear. I actually prefer them as shorts, that can be used alternately as underwear. They’re a cross between boy and yoga shorts! I have both, the grey and yellow/white striped underwear and they’re thick enough to wear as shorts and the grey color allows me to sweat in them, without having to worry about it being see-through.

 I occasionally like to take in a yoga class or sleep in shorts… and hey, I can use it as underwear too. In either case, I prefer dual functioning clothes, as a way to keep my luggage minimal but functional. It’s pretty smart!

I originally reviewed these in 2013. It is 2022, they’re still as good as the day I bought them and I adore them!

Watch my video review of the The Clever Travel Companion  Clothes